Welcome to my tumblr page. Often times it's a place where I just randomly post pictures I like, but sometimes I'll use this as a personal diary of sorts. If this offends you, you have been warned. Also be warned that my tumblr is not necessarily safe for work. View at your own discretion. I also very rarely use tags.

Doctor Who
The Last Unicorn
Animal Crossing
Various KDramas and KPop


Video games
Books - I read at least one a week!
Exploring my city/local dives/restaurants
Candle making
Comic Books

Professional Esthetician, aka Skin Therapist Licensed since 2006 Holistic Nutritionist
Please feel free to ask me anything you wish, but keep in mind I will not answer anything of the sexual nature. Thanks!

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    But I do not like the pink one, Black is fine.
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    Haha. But I don’t own a PSP or a Pink console or handheld. Just Sayin’.
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